26651/17/2017Aqueduct$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26661/17/2017Aqueduct$2 PICK-684200.5300/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26731/17/2017Buffalo Raceway$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
26081/17/2017Cal Expo Racing$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
26091/17/2017Cal Expo Racing$0.50 PICK-6986.6500/images/buggie.gifHarness
26101/17/2017Cal Expo Racing$0.20 PENTAFECTA5624.8000/images/buggie.gifHarness
3231/17/2017Daytona Beach Kennel Club$1W/$2 TWIN-TRI292.8700/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
12791/17/2017Daytona Beach Kennel Club$1W/$2 DNC TRI-SUPER10373.5500/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
26131/17/2017Delta Downs$0.50 PENTAFECTA885.0400/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26121/17/2017Delta Downs$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26301/17/2017Fairgrounds$0.50 PICK-5 ***JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER***22843.3400/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26311/17/2017Fairgrounds$0.50 PENTAFECTA1369.2100/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
15481/17/2017Flamboro Downs$0.20 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
26621/17/2017Golden Gate Fields$1 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26631/17/2017Golden Gate Fields$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26641/17/2017Golden Gate Fields$0.20 PICK-6*** JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER***60702.4200/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26481/17/2017Gulfstream Park$0.20 PICK-6 ***SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26451/17/2017Gulfstream Park$0.50 PICK-5 (LATE)0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26461/17/2017Gulfstream Park$1 PENTAFECTA8289.2600/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
15831/17/2017Japan$1 PICK-51048.6200/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
15621/17/2017Laurel Park$0.20 PICK-6***SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***2984.4500/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
15631/17/2017Laurel Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
15641/17/2017Laurel Park$1 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
12901/17/2017Los Alamitos (Quarter Horse)$1 PICK-ALL0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
14601/17/2017Los Alamitos (Quarter Horse)$2 PICK-63280.1900/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26111/17/2017Mahoning Valley Race Course$0.20 PICK-6 ***SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT ***12622.0300/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26441/17/2017Mardi Gras Gaming$1W$2S TWIN-TRI0.0000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
16061/17/2017Meadowlands Racetrack (Harness)$0.20 PENTAFECTA **SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT** RACE 53397.2900/images/buggie.gifHarness
15671/17/2017Meadowlands Racetrack (Harness)$0.20 PENTAFECTA **SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT** LAST RACE4547.2100/images/buggie.gifHarness
15681/17/2017Meadowlands Racetrack (Harness)$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
26671/17/2017Miami Valley Raceway$0.10 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
26681/17/2017Miami Valley Raceway$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
11411/17/2017Monticello Raceway$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
26171/17/2017Naples Greyhound Track$1W/$2S TWIN-TRI RACES 5 & 71758.3900/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
26181/17/2017Naples Greyhound Track$1W/$2S TRI-SUPER RACES 9 & 115856.0300/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
2821/17/2017Northfield Park$1 PICK-5 2535.9000/images/buggie.gifHarness
26711/17/2017Northfield Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
26291/17/2017Northlands Park$0.20W PENTAFECTA ***JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER***507.1700/images/buggie.gifHarness
26331/17/2017Northlands Park$1 PICK-5245.1200/images/buggie.gifHarness
171/17/2017Palm Beach Kennel Club$1 TWIN-TRI989.6300/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
181/17/2017Palm Beach Kennel Club$1 TRI-SUPER4712.2700/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
15881/17/2017Pompano Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA LAST RACE ***SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***6782.9200/images/buggie.gifHarness
15851/17/2017Pompano Park$0.50 PICK-60.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
15861/17/2017Pompano Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
15871/17/2017Pompano Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA RACE 40.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
15771/17/2017Portland Meadows$0.20 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26601/17/2017Santa Anita Park$2 PICK-60.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26611/17/2017Santa Anita Park$2 PICK-6 ***JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER***222684.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26581/17/2017Santa Anita Park$1 PENTAFECTA17496.6000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26591/17/2017Santa Anita Park$ 0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13921/17/2017Southland Park$0.10 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
9611/17/2017Southland Park$1W/$2 DNC TRI-SUPER10373.5500/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
9571/17/2017Southland Park$0.50 PICK-596.7400/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
10311/17/2017Southland Park$0.20 PICK-62277.8600/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
26351/17/2017St. Johns Kennel Club$1 TWIN-TRI0.0000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
26361/17/2017St. Johns Kennel Club$1 TRI-SUPER2381.2600/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
26371/17/2017St. Johns Kennel Club$0.10W/$1 TWIN-SUPER0.0000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13941/17/2017St. Petes Kennel Club$1W/$2 TWIN-TRI715.1300/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13951/17/2017St. Petes Kennel Club$1W/$2 TRI-SUPER10825.1700/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
16041/17/2017St. Petes Kennel Club$1 PICK-51128.0000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
26571/17/2017Sunland Park$0.20 PICK-6 *** SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***384.4600/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26541/17/2017Sunland Park$0.50 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
15921/17/2017The Meadows$0.50W/$2 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
16021/17/2017Turf Paradise$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
16031/17/2017Turf Paradise$1 PICK-6446.9200/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26391/17/2017Turfway Park$0.50 PICK-57636.5100/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26381/17/2017Turfway Park$1 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
26321/17/2017Valley Race Park$1 TWIN-TRI1141.2500/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
16011/17/2017Western Fair$0.20 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
6151/17/2017Wheeling Island$1W/$2 DNC TRI-SUPER RACES 2 & 410373.5500/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
891/17/2017Wheeling Island$1W/$2 TWIN-TRI RACES 9 & 113766.8100/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
26271/17/2017Woodbine (Harn)$0.20 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13151/17/2017Woodbine (Harn)$0.20 PENTAFECTA ***JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER***29974.7400/images/buggie.gifHarness
26721/17/2017Yonkers Raceway$0.50 PICK-52252.7600/images/buggie.gifHarness

Single Unique Ticket Jackpot

This type of wager requires a sole winning ticket at the required minimum bet value to win the Jackpot. If the winning ticket does not have the required minimum value, it will be considered as a multiple winning ticket resulting in a percentage of that day Daily Pool.

Jackpot Single Ticket Winner
This type of wager requires a single winning ticket at the minimum base amount or more to win the Jackpot. If there are more than one winning ticket a percentage of the Daily Pool will be paid out. 

Daytona Beach Kennel Club
The DNC Tri-Super (races 8&10) is forced out every other Saturday evening (rotates between Wheeling, Southland, Daytona). The Twin-Tri (races 3&5) is forced out every Saturday evening no cap.

Flagler Greyound
The Twin-Tri (races 3&5) is forced out every Thursday evening and is capped at $50K. The Tri- Super (races 6&8) is forced out the first Friday of every month on the evening card. Tri-Super is capped at $100K.

Southland Park
The DNC Tri-Super (races 12 &14) is forced out every other Saturday evening (rotates between Wheeling, Southland & Daytona). The Pick 5, Pentafecta and Pick 6 carry over until they are hit.

Jacksonville Kennel Club
Beginning on January 17th, 2016 a $0.10 Super/Super wager. This new wager is offered on every performance during races 3 & 5 and has a Mandatory forced payout every Saturday Night - Caps at $25,000. The Twin-Tri (races 10 & 12) are paid out every Monday evening and Friday evening. The Tri-Super (races 6 &8) is forced out the next performance after the carryover has reached $25,000.

Mardi Gras Gaming
Two 9 race cards back to back on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with post time for these days at 5pm & 7:30pm. On Saturdays the post times will be 2:30pm & 5pm. Starting January 10, 2017, they will no longer offer Twin-Tri wagering on the late card. A Trifecta will be put in its place. The Twin-Tri will remain on the early cards and will be forced out on Mondays early card. They will offer a Pick 4 on both cards (races 5-8) and will be forcing out the Pick 4 jackpot every Monday night on the 7:30pm card.

Naples Greyhound
The Twin-Tri (races 5&7) is forced out every Wednesday Evening. The Tri-Super (races 9&11) is forced out the last Friday Evening of the month.

Palm Beach Kennel Club
The Twin-Tri (races 5&7) is forced out in Sunday Matinee. The Tri-Super (11&13) forced out on Friday Matinee.

Derby Lane
Beginning November 1, 2015 the Twin-Tri (races 9&11) and the Tri-Super (races 5&7). The Twin-Tri is forced out every Saturday evening and the Tri-Super is forced out on the second performance after the carryover has been capped at $25,000. The Pick 5 will carryover until it hits. 

Wheeling Island
The DNC Tri-Super (races 2&4) is forced out every other Saturday evening (rotates between Wheeling, Southland & Daytona).  The Twin-Tri (races 9&11) is capped $10,000 and then decided which day to force out the pool at within 10 racing days of that date or the first Saturday matinee in that span.

Valley Race Park
Mandatory Twin Tri Payout is on the last day of the meet which is February 4th, 2017.