13582/10/2016Aqueduct$2 PICK-60.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13592/10/2016Aqueduct$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
14092/10/2016Buffalo Raceway$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13452/10/2016Cal Expo Racing$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13462/10/2016Cal Expo Racing$0.50 PICK-6 0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
12962/10/2016Cal Expo Racing$0.50 PENTAFECTA 0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
3232/10/2016Daytona Beach Kennel Club$1W/$2 TWIN-TRI295.5000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
12792/10/2016Daytona Beach Kennel Club$1W/$2 DNC TRI-SUPER1146.0400/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13362/10/2016Delta Downs$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13372/10/2016Delta Downs$0.50 PENTAFECTA996.1800/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13642/10/2016Fairgrounds$0.50 PENTAFECTA1938.3900/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13652/10/2016Fairgrounds$0.50 PICK-5 *** JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER***15318.4600/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13102/10/2016Flamboro Downs$0.20 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13932/10/2016Freehold Raceway$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13882/10/2016Golden Gate Fields$1 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13892/10/2016Golden Gate Fields$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13902/10/2016Golden Gate Fields$0.20 PICK-6 ***JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER***5708.9300/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13802/10/2016Gulfstream Park$1 PENTAFECTA3639.2000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13812/10/2016Gulfstream Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13822/10/2016Gulfstream Park$0.20 PICK-6 *** SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***665816.4900/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13912/10/2016Hialeah Park$0.20 PICK-6 ***SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***110174.7500/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13232/10/2016Japan$1 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
12922/10/2016Laurel Park$0.20 PICK-6 ***SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***4427.3200/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
12942/10/2016Laurel Park$1 PENTAFECTA 0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
12952/10/2016Laurel Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
12902/10/2016Los Alamitos (Quarter Horse)$1 PICK-ALL0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
12912/10/2016Los Alamitos (Quarter Horse)$2 PICK-665738.1700/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13792/10/2016Mardi Gras Gaming$1W/$2 TWIN-TRI0.0000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
14082/10/2016Mardi Gras Gaming$1 PENTAFECTA 262.8000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13622/10/2016Meadowlands Racetrack (Harness)$0.20 PENTAFECTA ***JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER*** RACE 722115.3200/images/buggie.gifHarness
13632/10/2016Meadowlands Racetrack (Harness)$0.20 PENTAFECTA *** JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER*** LAST RACE92662.1100/images/buggie.gifHarness
13612/10/2016Meadowlands Racetrack (Harness)$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
14032/10/2016Miami Valley Raceway$0.50 PICK-51289.9900/images/buggie.gifHarness
14042/10/2016Miami Valley Raceway$0.10 PENTAFECTA 0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
11412/10/2016Monticello Raceway$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13532/10/2016Naples Greyhound Track$1 TWIN-TRI6615.7700/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13542/10/2016Naples Greyhound Track$1 TRI-SUPER3207.3800/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
9972/10/2016Northfield Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
2822/10/2016Northfield Park$1 PICK-5 0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
172/10/2016Palm Beach Kennel Club$1W/$2 TWIN-TRI1648.5000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
182/10/2016Palm Beach Kennel Club$1W/$2 TRI-SUPER6181.5200/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13242/10/2016Pompano Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA *** SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT*** Last Race96184.7500/images/buggie.gifHarness
13282/10/2016Pompano Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13272/10/2016Pompano Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA 0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13252/10/2016Portland Meadows$0.20 W/$1 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
14072/10/2016Portland Meadows$0.20 PICK-6 *** SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
14102/10/2016Sam Houston Race Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
14112/10/2016Sam Houston Race Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13852/10/2016Santa Anita Park$1 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13862/10/2016Santa Anita Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13872/10/2016Santa Anita Park$2 PICK-60.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13922/10/2016Southland Park$0.10 PENTAFECTA136.8200/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
9612/10/2016Southland Park$1W/$2 DNC TRI-SUPER1146.0400/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
9572/10/2016Southland Park$0.50 PICK-5159.6300/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
10312/10/2016Southland Park$0.50 PICK-62450.4200/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
14132/10/2016St. Johns Kennel Club$0.10W/$1 TWIN-SUPER359.8100/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13702/10/2016St. Johns Kennel Club$1 TWIN-TRI0.0000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13712/10/2016St. Johns Kennel Club$1 TRI-SUPER15779.2900/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13942/10/2016St. Petes Kennel Club$1W/$2 TWIN-TRI1021.5000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13952/10/2016St. Petes Kennel Club$1W/$2 TRI-SUPER5720.6500/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13832/10/2016Sunland Park$ 0.50 PENTAFECTA2169.0300/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13842/10/2016Sunland Park$0.20 PICK-6 ***SINGLE UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT***8447.1300/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
14152/10/2016The Meadows$0.50W/$2 PICK-51327.6400/images/buggie.gifHarness
9602/10/2016Tucson Greyhound Park$0.50 PICK-6231.3000/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
4682/10/2016Tucson Greyhound Park$1W/$2 TRI-SUPER139.8800/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
7202/10/2016Tucson Greyhound Park$1W/2 TWIN-TRI 714.2600/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13402/10/2016Turf Paradise$1 PICK-64706.1700/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13382/10/2016Turf Paradise$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13762/10/2016Turfway Park$1 PENTAFECTA240.7200/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13782/10/2016Turfway Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000/images/horsie.gifThoroughbred
13962/10/2016Western Fair$0.20 PENTAFECTA0.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
6152/10/2016Wheeling Island$1W/$2 DNC TRI-SUPER RACES 2 & 41146.0400/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
892/10/2016Wheeling Island$1W/$2 TWIN-TRI RACES 9 & 111278.5800/images/doggie.gifGreyhound
13142/10/2016Woodbine (Harn)$0.20 PICK-50.0000/images/buggie.gifHarness
13152/10/2016Woodbine (Harn)$0.20 PENTAFECTA ***JACKPOT SINGLE TICKET WINNER***86950.4400/images/buggie.gifHarness
13972/10/2016Yonkers Raceway$0.50 PICK-52578.5400/images/buggie.gifHarness

Single Unique Ticket Jackpot
This type of wager requires a sole winning ticket at the required minimum bet value. If the winning ticket does not have the required minimum value it will be considered as a multiple winning ticket resulting in a percentage of the jackpot.

Jackpot Single Ticket Winner
This type of wager requires a single winning ticket at the minimum base amount or more. If  there are more than one winning ticket a percentage of the jackpot will be paid out.

Daytona Beach Kennel Club
The DNC Tri-Super races (8&10) is forced out every other Saturday evening (rotates between Wheeling, Southland, Daytona). The Twin-Tri races (3&5) is forced out every Saturday evening no cap.

Gulf Greyhound
There are mandatory payouts on the Twin Tri races (6&7) every 1st and 3rd Thursday night. The Tri-Super races (9&11) forces out the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.  .

Flagler Greyound
The Twin-Tri races (3&5) is forced out every Thursday evening and is capped at $50K. The Tri- Super races (7&9) is forced out the first Friday of every month on the evening card.

Southland Park
The DNC Tri-Super races (12&14) is forced out every other Saturday evening (rotates between Wheeling, Southland & Daytona). The Pick 5 and Pick 6 carries over until they are hit.

Jacksonville Kennel Club
Beginning on January 17th, 2016 a $0.10 Super/Super wager. This new wager is offered on every performance during races 3 & 5 and has a Mandatory forced payout every Saturday Night - Caps at $25,000. The Twin-Tri races (10 & 12) are paid out every Monday evening and Friday evening. The Tri-Super races (6 &8) is forced out the next performance after the carryover has reached $25,000.

Mardi Gras Gaming
Twin-Tri wagering on our 1st matinee card only races 7 & 9. The Twin-Tri will be guaranteed $2,500 on Monday Night only which is the night the Twin-Tri gets forced out.  The Pick-4 will have a guaranteed $1,500 on all performances except on Monday which will be $2,500. The HI-5 is a Jackpot wager. It will have a 25% takeout. If the wager is not hit - 100% carryover. If multiple winners; 50% of that days pool will be split among the winners and 50% will go towards the jackpot carryover after the takeout. The jackpot for the HI 5 will cap @ $30,000. 

Naples Greyhound
The Twin-Tri races (5&7) is forced out on Thursday evening, it is capped at $30K. The Tri-Super races (9&11) is forced out the last Friday of the month and is capped at $50K.

Palm Beach Kennel Club
The Twin-Tri races (5&7) is forced out in Sunday Matinee. The Tri-Super (11&13) forced out on Friday Matinee.

Derby Lane
Beginning November 1, 2015 the Twin- Tri races (9&11) and the Tri-Super races (5&7) are both forced out on the second performance after the carryover has been capped at $25,000.

Wheeling Island
The DNC Tri-Super races (2&4) is forced out every other Saturday evening (rotates between Wheeling, Southland & Daytona).  The Twin-Tri races (9&11) is capped $10,000 and then decided which day to force out the pool at within 10 racing days of that date or the first Saturday matinee in that span.

Tucson Greyhound Park
Twin-Tri is forced out the first Friday of the month. If no one hits the early Twin-Tri the jackpot goes over to the late Twin-Tri. Tri-Super is forced out the first Saturday of the month. The Pick 6 pool is entirely carried over unless hit exactly.