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CARRY OVERS FOR 12/20/2014 Print

ThoroughbredGulfstream Park$0.20 PICK-6***JACKPOT SINGLE WAGER***159685.7300
GreyhoundSouthland Park$0.50 PICK-685862.3300
ThoroughbredFairgrounds$0.50 PICK-5 ***JACKPOT SINGLE WINNER***41640.7500
ThoroughbredHawthorne$0.20c PENTAFECTA ***JACKPOT SINGLE WINNER***33672.9800
HarnessCal Expo Racing$0.10c PICK-6 *** UNIQUE TICKET JACKPOT WAGER***20134.0600
HarnessWoodbine (Harn)$0.20 PENTAFECTA ***JACKPOT SINGLE WINNER***18767.1700
ThoroughbredLos Alamitos (Thoroughbred)$2 PICK-618465.5800
ThoroughbredGulfstream Park$1 PENTAFECTA18240.6100
ThoroughbredAqueduct$2 PICK - 616305.3900
GreyhoundSt. Johns Kennel Club$1 TRI-SUPER13941.4300
HarnessMeadowlands Racetrack (Harness)$0.20 PENTAFECTA***JACKPOT SINGLE WINNER***9217.1200
HarnessBatavia Downs$2 PICK-69034.3400
GreyhoundPalm Beach Kennel Club$1 TRI-SUPER8408.6500
GreyhoundGulf Greyhound$1 TRI-SUPER RACE 12 & 137416.9900
GreyhoundTampa Greyhound $1 TRI-SUPER 7135.5300
HarnessBalmoral Park Race Track$0.50 PICK-55877.0900
GreyhoundPalm Beach Kennel Club$1 TWIN-TRI5803.1300
ThoroughbredLos Alamitos (Quarter Horse)$2 PICK-65733.3400
GreyhoundNaples Greyhound Track$1W TRI-SUPER4794.7900
ThoroughbredTurf Paradise$1 PICK-64483.2500
GreyhoundWheeling Island$1 TWIN-TRI RACES 9 & 114311.8000
ThoroughbredFairgrounds$0.50 PENTAFECTA3619.2000
GreyhoundSouthland Park$1W TWIN-TRI3495.3500
HarnessPompano Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA ***UNIQUE TICKET WAGER***3148.3900
GreyhoundSouthland Park$1W DNC TRI-SUPER2844.0800
GreyhoundDaytona Beach Kennel Club$1 TRI-SUPER 2496.6000
GreyhoundTucson Greyhound Park$1 TWIN-TRI 2096.9900
ThoroughbredHawthorne$0.20c PICK-6 ***JACKPOT SINGLE WINNER***1813.0200
ThoroughbredDelta Downs$0.50 PENTAFECTA *** UNIQUE TICKET WAGER ***1770.2100
GreyhoundWheeling Island$1 TRI-SUPER RACES 2 & 41628.7400
ThoroughbredParx Racing$2 PICK-61493.6700
GreyhoundSt. Johns Kennel Club$1 TWIN-TRI1439.6300
ThoroughbredTurfway Park$1 PENTAFECTA1263.6300
ThoroughbredSunland Park$0.50C PENTAFECTA943.0000
ThoroughbredSunland Park$0.20c PICK-6 ***UNIQUE TICKET WAGER***833.2200
GreyhoundDaytona Beach Kennel Club$1 TWIN-TRI791.6100
GreyhoundGulf Greyhound$0.50 PENTAFECTA677.2100
GreyhoundTucson Greyhound Park$1 TRI-SUPER652.8800
GreyhoundGulf Greyhound$1 TRI-SUPER RACE 11543.3700
GreyhoundTampa Greyhound $1 TWIN-TRI422.6300
HarnessNorthlands Park$1 PICK-5371.5000
GreyhoundTucson Greyhound Park$2 PICK-6350.5400
GreyhoundMardi Gras Gaming$2 TWIN-TRI317.6300
ThoroughbredEvangeline Downs$0.50 PENTAFECTA285.9400
ThoroughbredAqueduct$0. 50 PICK-50.0000
HarnessBalmoral Park Race Track$0.10 PENTAFECTA0.0000
HarnessBatavia Downs$0.50 PICK-50.0000
HarnessCal Expo Racing$0.50c PICK-50.0000
HarnessCal Expo Racing.10c PENTAFECTA0.0000
ThoroughbredDelta Downs$0.50 PICK-50.0000
ThoroughbredEvangeline Downs$0.50 PICK-50.0000
GreyhoundGulf Greyhound$1 TWIN-TRI0.0000
ThoroughbredGulfstream Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000
ThoroughbredHawthorne$0.20c PICK-50.0000
ThoroughbredHawthorne$0.20c PICK-90.0000
ThoroughbredLaurel Park$0.20 PICK-5 ***JACKPOT SINGLE WINNER***0.0000
ThoroughbredLos Alamitos (Quarter Horse)$1 PICK-ALL0.0000
ThoroughbredLos Alamitos (Thoroughbred)$0.50 PICK-50.0000
ThoroughbredLos Alamitos (Thoroughbred)$1 PENTAFECTA0.0000
HarnessMaywood Park$0.20 PICK-60.0000
HarnessMaywood Park$0.10 PENTAFECTA0.0000
HarnessMeadowlands Racetrack (Harness)$0.50 PICK-50.0000
GreyhoundNaples Greyhound Track$1W TWIN-TRI0.0000
HarnessNorthfield Park$1 PICK-5 0.0000
HarnessNorthfield Park$0.20 PENTAFECTA0.0000
HarnessPompano Park$0.50 PICK-50.0000
ThoroughbredPortland Meadows$0.20c PICK 50.0000
ThoroughbredRetama Park$0.10c PENTAFECTA0.0000
HarnessSaratoga Harness Raceway$.50 PICK-50.0000
HarnessThe Meadows$0.50 PICK-50.0000
ThoroughbredTurf Paradise$0.50 PICK-50.0000
ThoroughbredTurfway Park$0.50C PICK-50.0000
ThoroughbredZia Park$0.50 PENTAFECTA0.0000

Track Rules


Daytona Beach Kennel Club

The DNC Tri-Super races (8&10) is forced out every other Saturday evening (rotates between Wheeling, Southland, Daytona). The Twin-Tri races (3&5) is forced out every Saturday evening no cap.  

Gulf Greyhound

There are mandatory payouts on the Twin Tri every 1st and 3rd Thursday night. The Tri-Super races (9&11) forces out the 2nd and 4th Thursay of the month.  The Tri-Super in races (12&13) has no force out

The Super Hi-5 pool is entirely carried over unless hit exactly.

Jacksonville Kennel Club

The Twin-Tri races (10 & 12) are paid out every Monday evening and Friday evening. The Tri-Super races (6 &8) is forced out the next performance after the carryover has reached $25,000.

Mardi Gras Gaming

Twin-Tri wagering on our 1st matinee card only races 3 & 5. The Twin-Tri will be forced out every Sunday night. Pick-4 wagering is now available on both cards, races 5-8. The Pick-4 will be forced out every Monday night.


The Twin-Tri races (5&7) is forced out on Thursday evening. The Tri-Super races (9&11) is forced out the last Friday of the month.

Palm Beach Kennel Club

The Twin-Tri races (5&7) is forced out in Sunday Matinee. The Tri-Super (11&13) forced out on Friday Matinee. The Pick-5 is forced out on Saturday Matinee.


The Tri-Super races (7&8) is forced out on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Derby Lane

The Twin- Tri races (11&13) is forced out every Saturday.

The Tri-Super races (5&7) is forced out on the second performance after the carryover has been capped at $25,000.


Wheeling Island 

The DNC Tri-Super races (2&4) is forced out every other Saturday evening (rotates between Wheeling, Southland, Daytona).  The Tri-Tri races (9&11) is capped $10,000 and then decided which day to force out the pool at within 10 racing days of that date or the first Saturday matinee in that span.

Tucson Greyhound Park 

 Twin-Tri is forced out the first Friday of the month. If no one hits the early Twin-Tri the jackpot goes over to the late Twin-Tri. Tri-Super is forced out the first Saturday of the month.